All RHINO motorcycle batteries are built from SAMSUNG Lithium-Ion 18650 cells.  The high quality batteries are rechargable and will last for more than 1,000 charging cycles* or a minimum of three years operation** 

RHINO batteries are very energy dense and hold sufficient power for your motorcycle to run between 100Km - 115Km per battery charge, depending on load and ride pattern.

Our RHINO motorcycles all have removable batteries for easy and quick battery swap. Some models have two smaller swappable batteries and some have one large with extra capacity. 

Batteries can be charged while on board the RHINO motorcycles or they can be removed for charging with the external quick charger delivered with each motorcycle, enabeling you to charge the battery from an outlet in your home, office or from any regular power outlet.

RHINO batteries can be swapped in less than one minute. Faster than fueling a traditional gasoline motorcycle. 


MOTORHINO is operating a network of stationary and mobile Battery Swap Stations across West Africa.

Riders can exchange their exhausted batteries for a fresh fully charged RHINO battery.

The RHINO POWER Battery Swap Stations offer both charging while you have a break from riding, or immediate swapping of the battery, if you are in need of being on your way in minutes.

For professional drivers, "champions" or any rider in need of immediate recharging, the RHINO POWER Battery Swap Station offer battery swap.

Simply aim for the RHINO POWER Battery Swap Station, remove your battery, exchange the empty battery for a fully charged battery, pay with mobile money or the RHINO APP and off you go.

RHINO POWER Battery Swap Station support all types of RHINO batteries, providing the optimum service for our riders. 


MOTORHINO is manufacturing and building from quality components. 

Our dual breaking system improves traffic safety, as our drivers automatically activate both front and rear brakes as they operate the "front" brake lever. This significantly reduces the stopping distance, preventing accidents and incidents in traffic. 

We pride ourselves in choosing quality components to build what we believe will be the work horses or work bulls of the future. We do our outmost for our RHNIO bulls to work for decades. 


MOTORHINO is linking all operations to our own Lumintell Internet Of Things (IoT) platform. The system automatically monitor the state of batteries, charging stations and capacity. Also the platform is monitoring the entire fleet of motorcycles to be the heart of the TaxiE APP from where clients can book the TaxiE electric motorcycle taxis.  

TaxiE clients can see where the nearest available TaxiE operator is and can easily calculate the fare cost from the clients current position to the end destination. The system also calculate the best/fastest/most convenient route between the two destinations taking the motorcycles battery level, drive pattern and general state into account. 

In Lomé, Togo, the system is linked to the Byteblocs City Wide WiFi that cover the city and help record the drive and battery data. In other deployments transfer of data is done via the GSM network. 

Lumintell is linked to all major mobile money apps and payment systems. Therefore it is a safe and transparent system for secure payment without cash or discussions regarding payments and fare charge involved. 

All RHINO motorcycles are equipped with GPS and remote cut off functionality to immobilize the motorcycle in case of theft.